Our Technology Showcase was a big hit!

Our Technology Showcase was a big hit!

Monday 16th November 2015
By David Webster, RGB’s Chief Technology Officer

Visitors to this year’s Technology Showcase were the first to see our newly restyled and completely refitted  demonstration rooms and judging by their reactions they were very well received. We now have six zones that are working vignettes of a total home environment using a full Savant Pro control system complete with Lutron lighting and shades. Plus a new separate meeting room with full working audio and video conferencing systems, etc.  and a new separate permanent display area for racks and power products.

Savant App Screen - New Demo Room

With so many new products to show our visitors, it is hard to pick out highlights but without doubt the first UK preview of the new Savant Remote caused great excitement amongst our Savant Dealers. Although not due to be released here until next year, this remarkably simple to configure system will be the perfect complement to any Sonos system and with its lowest ever starting price for a Savant system  it is certain to build the brand and expand the market.


Elsewhere throughout the event, dealers were keen to discuss 4K content, distribution and displays, network equipment, remote monitoring, LED lighting and invisible speakers and we hope they all went away having learnt something new and how RGB can help them.

Our marketing team were delighted with the amount of dealers who attended this years event (as our location can sometimes be difficult) but I’ve been told it was one of the best years for attendance yet!

Until next year…

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