Lost and found…

Lost and found…
– Thursday 19th January 2017
By David Alexander, Senior Technical Support Engineer

No one likes to lose things or have things taken from them and recovery of such items can be achieved through tracking devices.

Tracking devices have been around for some time and come in various forms… Car tracking devices are the most common and can either be a high powered radio beacon that relates on knowing the approximate location or a 3G enabled GPS device that can send GPS coordinates to a third party company on a regular basis. Even smartphones which are GPS enabled come with recovery tools such as Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ utility. However, requiring a high power battery or 3G connectivity is not suitable for all devices that you wish to keep such as a bicycle or a pet for example. Some devices can also require an annual fee.

Recently I joined the ‘lost drone society’ with the help of a large hedgerow. As my drone is small, light weight with a battery that gives an 8-minute flight time I sought a tracking solution that would help me find it when within close proximity without affecting the drone’s ability. I found a small Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device called ‘TrackR bravo’ which is the size of a 10 pence piece, weighs only 25g, has a replaceable battery and costs around £25.00.

The TrackR bravo has an App where you register your device in an online account. Once registered your devices can be located by anyone else using the TrackR App automatically using a technology called ‘Crowd GPS’ and it’s completely free! Once you are within 100ft of your lost item you can then use the Bluetooth hotter/colder searching to pinpoint the exact location. TrackR also offer multiple solutions using the same technology such as the TrackR wallet so if you are prone to losing things these could also be the solution for you.

More information can be found here: https://www.thetrackr.comdave-a-blog-1


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