Demystifying AV Over IP

By David Webster, CTO at RGB

The phrase “AV over IP” has become very popular of late and it is an abbreviation of “Audio and Video over Internet Protocol” but what does it really mean in practical AV terms?

Put simply, AV Over IP is about sending audio and video signals though standard networks. This process uses devices called encoders to convert analogue or digital audio and video into data that can be sent (streamed) across a standard Ethernet network to a decoder device that converts the received data back to audio and video signals.

AV Over IP solutions for audio and video have been around for many years but only recently has the latest hurdle of flawless 4K/UHD video been surmounted.

This makes possible products that are capable of high quality video distribution between rooms, buildings, or even further just as freely as computer data, but what are the practical, technical and economic considerations?

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